Girl reading in bed, snuggled against an Oolie Base

The Oolie Story

Hi! Nora here. I created Oolie in 2021, after the birth of my third child. My first two kids had not been the most, er, independent of sleepers, so I wasn’t surprised when my third also rejected crib sleeping in favor of being snuggled, worn, rocked, strollered, or nursed all night long.

After years of co-sleeping with my first two children, I was tired. (So tired!) As a Clinical Psychologist, I know how important rest is, and I knew that I wanted number three to be sleeping on a floor bed in his own room as soon as he was able to climb in and out of it by himself.

I started looking for a long bolster to help him develop a sense of where the bed ended, as well as to prevent his head from bumping against the wall. When I couldn’t find anything I loved, I decided to make my own. Drawing on my love of sewing and design, I started experimenting with different styles and strategies, ultimately creating the Oolie Nest & Bolsters — our unique system for holding bolsters safely in place under a fitted sheet.

The moment I put the first Oolie Nest on my toddler’s floor mattress, he climbed right in, plopped himself down, and snuggled into one corner. My two “big kids” immediately wanted their own Oolies for their beds, and I knew we were onto something special.

I realized that we had a unique opportunity to create an entire line of dream bedding for parents and kids, and in doing so, to promote our values of sustainability, organic fabrics, beautiful design, and comfort — and rest! — for the whole family.

Nora MurrayNora Murray, Founder & CEO

Our Products

Certified B Corporation Pending

Our products are designed to support your family’s best sleep, on versatile, beautiful bedding. All of our bedding is chemical-free and soft enough for your kiddos, yet refined enough to use in your grown-up bedroom. Our earth-inspired, muted palette echoes the beauty of the earth we love, bringing soothing hues to the places where we rest.

Our bedding is made with the highest quality organic and eco-friendly materials, by people who are paid a living wage and treated with respect. Our fabrics come from plants grown without harmful toxins and are processed without dangerous chemicals. We only use earth-friendly, AZO-free dyes.

Our cotton is grown by organic farmers who care for the land, cultivating not only the highest quality plants but a connection between communities and the land that sustains them as well.

Our bedding is produced by skilled artisans who are regarded with respect and appreciation. We partner with manufacturers who share our values and commitment to social and ecologically responsible business practices.

Drawn to Kindness Initiative

Oolie partners with artists and authors to develop limited-edition patterns for use in our bedding. After compensating the artist for their work, all remaining proceeds are then donated to the charitable organization of the artist’s choosing.

An artist's hands at work, sketching, coloring, and painting watercolors with brushes, pens, and pads of paper
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash